provide creative design service with a human-centred approach


It’s time to put aside all of the madness and worries of not being found by your audience. Let us bring out the best of your business and capture the eyeballs of leads turn into customers.

small digital studio that does big things for your business

Yes! We can draw. We create unique and only-one-in-the-world artworks that fit your business' branding style.

Whether you are starting up or want to blow fresh air on your outdated identity, your solution is here. Tell us your journey and we will
take care of it all.

Have your brand ready but not sure how to elevate it for long-term growth? We can help to develop a road map and be with you as a wingman throughout your journey!

Why us?

It’s 2022 and you know that your business needs to join the digital race. There are plenty of available tools to help with your logo making, website building and social media managing. Yet, is it worth spending a great deal of time on those DIY projects while there are millions of other important things waiting for you? If it’s a big NO, it’s never a bad idea to talk to someone who can take the burden off your chest. 

We don’t use the attractive logo design template that has been used and seen so often on the internet. We are also not one of the free logo services. So.., what can we do for you? 

As a boutique design agency, we have the flexibility to adjust and customise pretty much anything to suit the needs of your business We don’t just deliver a logo, we create your brand and be a part of your journey.  

At Catapult Media, we’ve always got your back!